18 Questions Worth Asking Before Taking A Yoga Teaching Job Abroad

Coming from an idealistic wanderluster, the idea of traveling abroad to teach yoga is the most beautiful thing ever. I embarked on this journey last June and spent three months abroad in Sagres, Portugal teaching for a surf school with additional duties of photographing students on the beach. The most amazing summer job ever. However, in retrospect, there are several questions I should have asked before taking the job abroad.

Don’t get overwhelmed or allow the practicality of this post to sway your dreams of teaching abroad. This is simply a suggestion of things to think about before you take that amazing job in Thailand or Bali. The devils IS in the details, so get tedious about it so you know exactly what to expect!

18 Questions Worth Asking Before Taking a Yoga Teaching Job Abroad


  1. What kind of weather do I want to live in?
  2. What kind of food do I want to have access to?
  3. What type of cultural environment suits me? Liberal or conservative?
  4. Do I want to be around people who are open or reserved?
  5. What age or cultural demographic would I like to be around?
  6. Do I want to live in a small town or a big city?
  7. What do I want the bulk of my work to consist of?
  8. Would I like to combine my yoga teaching with another skill I can offer?
  9. What kind of community do I want to surround myself with?
  10. What kind of salary am I willing to accept?
  11. Am I open to sharing a living space or room?
  12. Am I okay with being without a car?
  13. What would I like my typical day to look like?
  14. Do I want my food and accommodations paid for?
  15. Do I want opportunities to earn extra income on my free time?
  16. How many days a week do I want to work?
  17. What would my ideal day at work look like?
  18. What kind of place do I want to teach yoga in? A studio? Open air? On the beach?

Don’t be afraid to ask all the questions you have to your potential employer. If they are legit they shouldn’t have any issues getting specific with you about the details! These are things you want to know before you land in a foreign country and commit to a time period of work.

With all my love and best wishes for your dreams! Go forth and make it happen 🙂

Peace, Love and Namaste!

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