Originally, Leaf + Lotus started as a place to inspire and guide people through the journey of yoga and wellness. As time passed, that focus started to narrow as I began to notice that women of color are seldom represented in these spaces. I wanted to change that. This led to the inspiration for Afro Yoga, classes for women of color, something that has now taken on a life of its own. Since the explosion of Afro Yoga on the Sacramento scene, a cascade of events occurred letting me know that this was my passion and where I wanted to dedicate my life’s work.

So, I’m here for women of color. I’m here for the practice of yoga. I’m here for wellness and self-care. I’m here to represent the women who have been lost in a system that doesn’t really care about their wellbeing. I’m here to lead a movement where women of color can come to spaces where they feel like they belong. I’m here to ensure that we find health, healing and work our way to our own enlightenment. I’m here for my sisters. I’m here because you matter.


My name is Angie and I am the creative mind, open heart and free spirit behind Leaf + Lotus. I’ve been living a natural lifestyle for over 10 years now and I know the power and magic that comes through the practice of yoga, eating real foods, meditation and self-care. I am super passionate about sharing my knowledge on yoga and wellness and providing practical tools to teach you how to live a lifestyle that empowers you and makes you feel good.

I believe in the magic of yoga and wellness so much because of what it has done for me in my life. A little over two years ago while living alone overseas I fell into a deep depression that I couldn’t see my way out of. I was ashamed to reach out to anyone because everyone knew me as a positive, vibrant person and I felt embarrassed at how I had let myself slip into this dark place.

I got inspired to practice yoga again after watching the movie, “Awake,” about an amazing yogi from India named Paramahansa Yogananda that brought yoga to the west. Yoga became the one thing I felt excited about and with baby steps I began to reconnect to my true self and the light started to shine through the cracks of that dark space. I started to fall in love with food again, cooking and eating well. Taking baths and caring for my self. Over time, I was able to find a beautiful balance of physical health, peace of mind and spiritual connection that I’ve never experienced in any other practice.

Yoga in unique because it offers the space to discover strength in vulnerability, have compassion for short comings, and teaches us to see ourselves as worthy of love no matter what. It gives us grounding when our minds are dominated by thoughts and space to flow in a rhythm of movement where those same thoughts disappear. It becomes a space of refuge from the craziness of both the outer and the inner world. It’s therapy…and with it comes so much healing.

If learning how to include the practices of yoga and wellness into your life is something that interests you, I would love to connect with  you over a session. Check out the ways we can work together and feel free to send me an email at leafandlotusyoga@gmail.com any time to ask questions or just to say hello!

Peace, Love and Namaste,
Angie 🙂