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Our first ever Afro Yoga Brunch was a complete success with the collaboration of N’Gina the owner of South restaurant and the beautiful urban country club that’s in the works, The Good Saint. We breathed together, laughed together, ate together and shared a sacred space together. It has always been an honor to lead yoga classes but especially in a space where there is something special bringing us together, the love of culture and diversity.

The community and following that Afro Yoga is budding into is a beautiful thing to see. We are building a community of love, peace, and wellness that is truly inspiring to all involved. If you haven’t yet checked out a class find out more right here.

I want to take a moment to acknowledge a few folks who really helped bring this together. Todd Shima the dopest dj spinnin’ some dope tracks on the wheels of steel and did an amazing job of bringing the vibes to our class. Tamara representing her photography and lifestyle brand Jaz + Chaos killed it, capturing in the most beautiful way the essence of this event. A special thanks also goes to Jaida, our assistant, who is my partner in these classes helping bring you guys into alignment in our classes and sharing her love through her hands. Finally, The Proud Show for filming it up, I will be posting that video soon!

Without further delay, here are the beautiful images curated by Jaz+Chaos. They are absolutely beautiful!

Also, check out our upcoming Afro Yoga Winter Retreat, taking place in Lake Tahoe for 3 days and 2 nights in a lovely luxury cabin with lake views 🙂

Afro-Yoga-Brunch-3 Afro-Yoga-Brunch-5 Afro-Yoga-Brunch-6 Afro-Yoga-Brunch-8Afro-Yoga-Brunch-7Afro-Yoga-Brunch-9 Afro-Yoga-Brunch-10 Afro-Yoga-Brunch-12 Afro-Yoga-Brunch-15Afro-Yoga-Brunch-13Afro-Yoga-Brunch-11 Afro-Yoga-Brunch-14 Afro-Yoga-Brunch-16 Afro-Yoga-Brunch-20Afro-Yoga-Brunch-17 Afro-Yoga-Brunch-18 Afro-Yoga-Brunch-23Afro-Yoga-Brunch-21 Afro-Yoga-Brunch-25Afro-Yoga-Brunch-24 Afro-Yoga-Brunch-27 Afro-Yoga-Brunch-29Afro-Yoga-Brunch-26 Afro-Yoga-Brunch-2Afro-Yoga-Brunch-28

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  1. Sunni

    Super enjoyed myself.
    You rock Angie!
    Love your yoga classes.
    You took us deep.

    • Angie

      Glad to hear that! It was a pleasure having you all of you present, thank you for blessings us with your good vibes 🙂

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