Afro Yoga Flyers

Yoga in a unique practice because it offers the space to discover strength in vulnerability, have compassion for short comings, and teaches us to see ourselves as worthy of love no matter what. It gives us grounding when our minds are dominated by thoughts and space to flow in a rhythm of movement where those same thoughts begin to disappear. It becomes a space of refuge from the craziness of both the outer and the inner world. It’s therapy…and with it comes so much healing…

My goal with Afro Yoga is to inspire all women of color to cultivate and integrate the power, strength, peace and wisdom that inevitably comes through a dedicated yoga practice.

In my efforts to reach out to an underrepresented and underserved community, I created Afro Yoga to become a movement for Women of Color in Sacramento. I must admit, at first I was hesitant about creating a class that specifically targets one group of people because I didn’t want anyone who doesn’t fit into this group to think that they are excluded. The idea is in fact, all the opposite. The whole reason for creating Afro Yoga is to create and inclusionary environment where all shades, shapes and sizes are welcome.

I believe that through the practice of yoga, Women of Color can bring back to their homes and communities a new source of strength that will uplift us all and inspire a new wave of consciousness. With this new consciousness of self-love, power, and strength the possibilities for what we can achieve off the mat become limitless.

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The below information is for our regular Afro Yoga classes in the park 🙂


No. 1 | How much is it? 
This series of classes are love donation based, meaning you give what you can from the heart, whatever that amount is to you. We don’t want money to come between you and your practice. Other events such as workshops, retreats and special events will be priced and available once published.

No. 2 | What do I need to participate?
Bring your good vibes, a yoga mat, water bottle and a hand towel if you like. Also, be sure to wear something comfortable that will allow you to move freely!

No. 3 | I am not a Woman of Color, can I still participate?
Of course! Although this class is aimed at Women of Color, all shapes, shades and sizes are welcome. No one is excluded from this beautiful practice! This means MEN are also welcome!

No. 4 | Can I bring my kids?
Absolutely. This is a wonderful practice to introduce to your kids, however, it’s up to your own judgement to decide if your child would find enough interest to be engaged throughout the duration of the class. The possibility to have a child care volunteer present while parents practice exists, please contact me directly if this is a service you might need at

No. 5 | Is there anything else I need to know?
Yes, keep checking our website for updates on locations and dates, as they will change periodically due to weather, etc. Also, stay tuned for workshops and other special events to be hosted in the near future.

No. 6 | What if I am interested in hosting an event or organizing a workshop?
If you would like to collaborate to provide an Afro Yoga workshop, retreat or other event, please reach out to me via email at


For any specific questions or collaborations, feel free to contact me at


AFRO Yoga in the Park