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Cinnamon Energy Clearing

If you easily absorb other people’s energy then you need to read this post! If you anything like me, you may have a developed “clairscentience,” which means you have the ability to sense energy very quickly and intuitively. You can “catch a vibe”, if you know what I mean. Maybe you’ve met up with someone and when you leave you feel like you “picked up” some of their negative energy or vibes. Yeah…pretty sure we all been there at one time or another.

Sometimes, that stuff you “picked up” follows you around and ends up in your space. In your office, car or maybe at your house. It’s really common for people to burn sage or palo santo, which is an ancient practice that is used to clear and cleanse energy. Again, if you are sensitive to these things, you can literally feel the room get lighter after you burn sage or palo santo. Well, let me tell ya something, cinnamon is the new horizon for clearing energies.


My teachers Wes and Annette, who are amazingly well-studied and have a strong background into the science of these matters, recommended to me burn sage because spirit presences don’t like it and will vacate the area. For people who see with their third eye vision or have a level of clairvoyance, this can be especially helpful when you have folks just “hanging out” in your house or personal space.

I’ve been staying with a friend of mine in a large house that he took over from a recent divorcee. The energy in there was heavy AF you guys, seriously. I had been having trouble sleeping at night and there were certain areas that I just felt presences and it made me really uncomfortable. I felt like a five year-old walking around at night looking over my shoulders and making sure I left the lights on! It was crazy. When I told Annette about the experience that I was having, she reminded me of the power of burning cinnamon. As soon as I got off the phone with her, I rolled like five cinnamon joints into a cone shape (it does take some skill) and burned them all over the house on small plates with the pointy side up.

DUDE. I cannot even begin to explain how 50 pounds lifted off that house immediately. IMMEDIATELY. I couldn’t believe how comfortable I felt in the space and have not had any trouble sleeping since then! It’s pure magic.

So all you need is a little ground cinnamon shaped into a cone. I use joint papers because it makes it easier for me to make a cone shape. The cone shape is a suggestions to simply make it burn easier. By all means find your own way of making that happen, or find the smoker in your life that can roll you a bunch of cinnamon joints to burn whenever you need. IT WORKS!

Try this out at home and comment below! I’d love to hear what your experience is or if you’ve ever had anything like this happen to you!

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  1. Helaina

    Funny, I used to burn Palo Santo to get rid of the weed smell lol. I never knew it was used like sage haha! I do have a suggestion for those who can’t roll joints. Head to a smoke shop and purchase a roller and some papers. With a roller anyone can roll a joint in no time. If they pack the joint well it will burn pretty good. Not sure if anyone cinnamon will work but hit up places like Big Lot’s or Dollar Tree if you’re on a budget :). Anywho, I will be trying cinnamon very soon.

    My girlfriend and I both have 11 life paths which is a mastery number all about spirituality. Well, she can read people very well just off their behavior and things they. Definitely helps to have a masters in MFT (marriage & family therapy) and minor in Psychology. I however, always been super sensitive since I was a child. I definitely pick up energies and I often spend time alone b/c of this. Sometimes its to the point of having difficulties maintaining friendships. I cannot take being around certain energies for too long. So I will definitely be trying this cinnamon trick soon. The sage works for my house but I’ve never tried it anyone else but good to know I have options now. Have you every burned all three at once? I wonder what those results would be like.

    • Angie

      Helaina thanks for dropping by and leaving some words of wisdom. Those are some great suggestions you mentioned! The most important thing is that the cinnamon be in a cone shape so that it can burn easily. It would be great to be able to make some of these in a cone incense style, I will have to look into that now!

      I’ve never tried burning all three at once. I feel like each one has its own energy and properties so I typically use them individually. Sage to clear energy and always before and after my Raindrop Therapy sessions. Palo Santo I use sparingly, honestly, I just love the scent of it so much! I also use that to clear energy but it often gives me this sort of sense of connection. There’s something really special about it. The cinnamon I really just use when shit gets too heavy, you know? Like when the energy seems too dense. It immediately lightens up the space.

      Come back and comment to let us know what your experience with the cinnamon is!

      Peace, love and namaste!

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