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Finding the Right Yoga Flow For Your Time, Mood and Energy

As awesome as it is to have a regular yoga practice at home, there can also be a few challenges. Time, space, motivation, mood, etc. That’s why I created the email series series, “How To Create A Powerful Home Practice.” This blog post is a sneak peek at one of the e-mails in the series, to help you figure out the style of yoga that’s perfect for you. Finding a yoga flow that works for you is important because it will motivate you to practice in a way that feels natural and is perfect for you in that moment. The tips, tricks and secrets I share in the series come from my personal experience and hurdles I’ve had to overcome. It’s not always an easy road but by working smarter and not harder we can get accomplish more with less.

So, below is a treat for you. I decided to give you an inside peek at the series that talks about finding the right flow for your time, mood and energy. Also, if you haven’t subscribed to the e-mail series, “How To Create A Powerful Home Practice,” you are truly missing out! You get immediate access to this 5 day e-mail course that teaches you step by step how to create a home yoga practice that will last.

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Sometimes we just don’t have the energy to practice yoga. Sometimes we’re just “not in the mood.” Sometimes, we certainly don’t have the time. Although we addressed that issue in Step No. 1, in case you missed it go run through your inbox and find it. Even if you didn’t miss it, go run through your inbox and find it.

What I’ve found in my practice is that I always felt that if I committed to rolling out my mat, I had to be on it for a certain amount of time, I had to do certain poses, I definitely needed to get my heart rate going and I needed to go find some peace in it. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I love to break it to ya, that shit aint real.

What is real? What’s real is that sometimes I don’t have much energy to practice. Sometimes I don’t make the time and I am definitely not always in the mood to do yoga. There is something in the stigma of yoga that you have to be all peaceful and shit. Nope. Wrong. Most of us go to yoga because we are working through some shit that’s not peaceful. Go easy on yourself. Yoga has no rules, no confines no regulations. It’s a guide to help you find whatever you need to find. Peace, serenity, release, strength, wisdom, connection.. it’s yours to decide.

Once I changed my mindset and removed the pressure off myself about what my practice needed to be like, my resistance to it completely vanished. I didn’t feel any pressure to be or do it in a certain way. This is one of the beautiful things about a home practice.

Some days you need some chilled out yin yoga, some days you need to power through some stuff and do some power vinyasa, sometimes you just need to flow freely and let your body move its own way. It’s all yoga. As long as you are breathing and moving, even if its slow movement. Also, connecting to your breath and allowing the mental chatter fall away… because breathing connects us to the moment. The only place we have any control over. Not the past or the future, but the present.

That said, let’s  chat about a few different types of yoga and what you can gain from those. What kind of moods or times they might be suitable for and so on.

Finding the Right Flow - Infographic

No. 1 | Power Vinyasa
This style of yoga is really focused on linking breath with movement and moving through a sequence slow and then repeating it at a faster pace. Power Vinyasa usually always has some type of empowering message, a “soul message” if you will, that can give you a little gem to take with you off the mat. You will sweat, you will feel the fire and you will keep going. Of course, you can rest when you need to or take water breaks, but this style of yoga can be pretty rigorous.

This style of yoga is preferable when you have some energy to burn off, or perhaps some frustration 😉 Also preferable in the morning time, simply because it can be pretty energizing or even right after work to leave the days stress behind. Give yourself at least 15-30 minutes to practice. I personally wouldn’t practice power vinyasa right before bed as it would wind me up a bit.

If you aren’t in the mood to do yoga, this may not be the ideal style for you because it requires a good amount of effort. If your energy is low a relaxing and slow yin flow might be best for you (check out No. 3)

No. 2 | Hatha Yoga
This style of yoga is still one that is more challenging. It differs from Power Vinyasa in a few ways. Primarily, the poses are held much longer, so the “flowy” element is not as present. It’s a great practice for finding stillness and strength in simplicity.

Also, Hatha traditionally mirrors poses on each side, meaning its symmetrical. So the poses you do on one side you also do on the other side, which is a really nice way to offer balance.

This would be a good flow to practice if you’ve got moderate energy, perhaps about 15-30 minutes. You could wind down with some Hatha a couple hours before bed or even start your morning off with this strong and grounded style.

If you are really ancy and feel that you need to move around and not stay still too long, you may want to opt for some power vinyasa instead.

No. 3 | Yin Yoga
They say yin yoga is the kind of yoga you do when you don’t feel like doing yoga. I completely vouch for this statement. My first yin class I didn’t really know what to expect. When I walked in the room everyone had a few blankets, a bolster at the back of their mat and blocks and straps on the side. I remember thinking, hmmm, this is different.

The lights were dim, the music soft and the teacher totally compassionate. We moved slow, held the poses long, and made smooth transitions that made sense in the body. It wasn’t about pushing hard it was about allowing yourself not to.

Yin is an amazing and restorative style of yoga. It focuses on holding poses longer to allow the connective tissues of the body, the tendons, ligaments and fascia to really stretch, enhancing flexibility and increasing circulation in the joints. In faster styles of yoga these tissues don’t get a chance to really relax but yin yoga provides that opportunity.

This is a great yoga to do if you aren’t in the mood to do yoga and especially before bed or after some sort of stressful event – like a demanding day at work. I wouldn’t recommend it for night time.

No. 4 | Kundalini Yoga
A style that focus on basic postures and includes heavy breathwork. Kundalini yoga begins with a mantra that is repeated three times signifying gratitude for the teachers who passed on the tradition. This is for the inquisitive and creative yogi who is looking to try something different.

Kundalini activates the life force which draws in creative energy also known as prana or chi. This creative energy can help open channels of awareness and invigorates the spirit.
Even just a few minutes of Kundalini yoga can be beneficial. Not much energy is required, however, the heavy focus on breath will end up energizing the body but relaxing the mind. A good cleansing therapy for the spirit that connects you into the power of being alive.

All in all, this practice is ideal for those who don’t have much time, who are comfortable with the basics of yoga but looking to explore more styles. Best times to practice are in the morning or afternoon for a minimum of five minutes.

So there you have it, a few different styles of yoga to suit your time, mood and energy. I hope this helps! There’s so many types of yoga out there that you can always find one that suits the moment. Annnnd, our last email of the series is coming tomorrow. Awww, it ended so fast, right? In tomorrow’s email we’ll talk about how to stay motivated so that your practice lasts beyond five days of motivating emails 😉 Hasta manana!

Peace, love and namaste!

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