Friday Night Flow + Grow


Friday Night Flow + Grow was inspired by a desire to build upon the overwhelming response from our Afro Yoga Classes on Saturday mornings. I felt really inspired to create a safe for WOC to have the opportunity to talk about and grow their journey to health and wellness in addition to practicing yoga.

The event includes a themed mini workshop that will change each week and a vinyasa/yin yoga class to follow with a themed playlist. We will have several different women of color as guest speakers that will cover a multitude of topics to help you along your wellness journey. Check the schedule below or reserve a spot here.


Afro Yoga - Friday Night Flow & Grow @HugLife
Vegan and Thriving
Black, Female and Badass Business Owner
Yoga for Mental Health
Guided Meditation
Essential Oils
Self-Care Rituals
Light Color Energy Healing
Sound Bath Meditation
Mantra Motivations
Understanding Chakras
Glow Up – Natural Beauty Regimes
Miracle Mornings
Book Worm Reading Sessions
Kemetic Yoga
Pranayama – Breathing Techniques for Yoga
Yamas + Niyamas – Living Your Yoga
Tea Ceremony
Plant Based Pussy
Sexual Health is Sexual Healing
+ More

September 29th | Bambi – Vegan and Thriving
We kick off the Friday Night Flow + Grow Series with Bambi of The Goddess Lab, where they focus on inspiring the vegan lifestyle of health and wellness through their own cooking.

We will discuss what it means to be vegan, what steps to take as you consider introducing yourself to a vegan lifestyle, and what challenges you can expect along the journey. The forum will be a 20 minute talk and 10 minutes for Q&A, so you can ask all those juicy questions you’ve been dying to know about vegans!

October 5th | N’Gina – Black, Female and Badass Business Owner
N’Gina the amazing black business owner of South Restaurant, vintage store The Quinn and the upcoming Urban Country Club, The Good Saint, comes to talk to us about the realness of being a business owner. How to start, what to expect and the do’s and don’t of black business ownership.

This is going to be a very inspirational talk on stepping into entrepreneurship as a black woman and how to navigate that path.

October 13th | Angie (yours truly) – Yoga Foundations 
This Friday for Friday Night Flow + Grow I’ll be hosting the Yoga Foundations Workshop. We will cover all the basics that you need to know as a beginner yogi or as someone who could really use a refresher!!! Those include:

    • safe alignment in basic postures
    • pranayama (3 common breathing techniques)
    • purpose of yoga and basic yogic philosophy

October 20th | Tori Marie – The Soul of A Poet
“Who are you in the absence of flesh?” Self-published author Tori Marie will grace us with the depth of her words in a live reading of her new book, “When Flesh Isn’t Enough.” With a deep, thoughtful, transformational, and emotion filled display of eloquence, Tori is nothing short of gifted writer on the rise.

Join us for this beautiful experience and sharing with Tori, as she explains to us her journey to writing her first book and the story it holds. Her book will be sold and autographed on site for $12, an investment that surely guarantees a profit.

November 3rd | Michelle – Build Credit, Find Freedom
If you have ever struggled with having good credit or just curious to understand the system you really need to be here for this! Michelle of will give us the foundations on how credit is the foundation of wealth and shares her personal story of having went from a 500 to 700 credit score in just 4 months. Ya’ll this is how we really play the game and win.

November 10th | Dr. Shacunda | Mental Health and Yoga
Dr. Shacunda shares with us her wisdom and insight as a licensed therapist practicing in Sacramento. A woman of color with a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, Dr. Shacunda has a passion for helping people on their journey toward growth and awareness.

“Therapy isn’t for the faint of heart.  It takes work.  It takes courage.  It also takes the risk to explore your vulnerabilities, as this is often the first step to change.  There’s no doubt about it, all of this can feel like a daunting task to take on.  But, pressing through your struggles will yield some pretty great benefits to your overall sense of well-being.  Even if you’re afraid to try it out, the rewards (if you stick it out), can be life changing.  Your spirit will thank you once you get to the other side.” – Dr. Shacunda.

November 17th | Intention Setting & Manifestation by Angie
Fall is here and it’s time to refresh and renew our perspectives and goals. In this workshop, you will look at the things you want to bring into your life, identify some common blocks and how to dissolve them and set affirmations and intentions for what we want to see manifest. Remember that you have to do the work for it to get done so bring your journal, an open mind and an open heart. Oh yeah, and your yoga mat!

December 1st | Unleashing Creativity With Yoga
Discover some tools to help you unleash your creative spirit and explore how this translates as we harness that creativity into our yoga practice.

Jameka will be our guest this week, with a strong passion for creative expression. Having worked over 10 years in Social Work with WOC, she has looked into a variety of healing modalities and spent considerable timing studying creativity and its relationship to self-care. It’s gonna be a great experience to be a part of!

Please join us with your RSVP HERE.

December 8th | V-Steams with Vicki and Keisha
If you didn’t already read the interview I did with Vicki and Kisha of Empress Chai Yok, you can still check it out here. If you haven’t yet had a v-steam you are seriously missing out. An herbal steam that is soothing and healing for your vagina as well as mind and spirit.

In addition, you will have a special treat by Niva Flor, guiding a sound healing meditation after the workshop.

*Note that there will not be a yoga flow this week!

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December 15th | Sound Healing with Niva Flor
Most people know her as Niva Flor, I call her Niva Diva. Her sound healing is magnetizing, powerful and leaves an air of pure serenity. A soothing song for the soul, Niva uses her singing bowls and enchanting voice to ground, heal and meditate us. You really don’t want to miss this ya’ll.

Check out the video I posted of her doing an event at the Crocker Art Museum on my IG.

January 6th | Essentials Oils for Healing w/Angie
Have you ever wondered about essential oils or wanted to know more? How to use them and what the benefits are? I’ve been using essential oils for over 15 years now, and it’s literally the ONLY medicine I use. As many advancements that we make in technology and medicine, it always surprises me how many of us are drawn to ancient ways. My teacher Weston Bailey used to always say, “It may be better to be reminded, than to be educated.” Read that one more time.

We’ll talk about the Ancient Egyptian origins of essential oils, how they function in the body and how to use them in everyday life for health and healing.

NOTE! Those who attend will have the chance to win 2 FREE ESSENTIAL OILS! Who would want to miss that?! 

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January 13th | Vegan and Thriving Series w/ Bambi – Part 1
Bambi our plant-based Goddess will be gracing us with her presence once again as we circle back to putting health at the forefront. Health is wealth ya’ll, so come join us on Friday Night to cash in on the knowledge Bambi is going to share with us in this 3-part series, on introducing yourself to a plant-based lifestyle.

She will help us demystify all the “stuff” around what it means to be plant-based in the first part of this series. No matter what you know or where you’re at in your lifestyle, Bam will help you figure out how to initiate the practice of healthy living through food. 

Yin yoga to follow afterwards. RSVP HERE, SPACE IS LIMITED.

If you think you might be interested in being a speaker on one of the above topics or have a special topic that you would like to share, please reach out to me at