Leaf + Lotus Week

Leaf + Lotus Week No. 1

Hey yall, I am kicking off a cool series called Leaf + Lotus Week starting today! I got super inspired by Free + Native’s, “Native Week” and thought it would be awesome to do something similar. I’ll be posting every Monday to get your week kickstarted on the good vibes and give your internet browser some gourmet goodness 😉

This week we are talking detoxing and getting the glow from the inside out, transitioning to a vegetarian lifestyle, and a few other things.

Leaf + Lotus Week No. 3 (1)


No. 1
If you haven’t yet checked out Thrive Market, you NEED to. I just placed my first order and I am so impressed with the variety of organic selection, great prices, and free gifts 🙂 They are on their way to becoming my new “main” over Costco and Trader Joe’s, which will always be my side beauxs.

Last night I watched this movie on Netflix and even though I’m super late, I was incredibly touched by its message. It’s been a major catalyst in my decision (as of last night) to no longer eat meat, which I was still uncertain about when I wrote True Confessions of A Flexitarian Yogi.

No. 3
I need to get back on my toner game. I’ve been skipping it altogether in my face routine and I’m starting to notice it in clogged pores that look too big for comfort. Using ACV and just ordered this as well from Thrive.

No. 4
*Sips tea* yeah, this awesome Yogi tea to be exact.

No. 5
Made a super delicious antioxidant powerhouse detox smoothie this morning using lemon essential oil infused water, an organic mix of chard, kale and spinach, organic blueberries, organic mango and organic banana. So, so delicious. I’ll be having this smoothie for the next week, yassss!

No. 6
Trying out this recipe today, I love love love all kinds of bliss bowls and this falafel one looks delish! Plus, it’s a good transition into Fall. Although I think I just overcooked the lentils while writing this post, whoops!

No. 7
Finally, can’t wait for my *Young Living order this month, I am finally getting a new Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca Alternifolia) to clear up blemishes and such, some Ningxia Red to power me up with antioxidants from Wolfberries and my Thieves Mouthwash, which I’ll be doing a lovely vaginal cleanse from my old blog. Yes, I said a vaginal cleanse with all natural mouthwash.

Until next time, I hope you beautiful yogis have an amazing week! Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog so you can have access to all my free resources and the monthly Leaf + Lotus Recap.

Peace, love and namaste!

*if you are curious about Young Living and ordering essential oils, send me an email at leafandlotusvibes@gmail.com.

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