Leaf + Lotus Week No. 2
Leaf + Lotus Week

Leaf + Lotus Week No. 2

Lots going on this past week. A good friend of mine arrived from Portugal and in between hosting and looking for a new place. In the midst of all the rumblings of the mind I have been taking damn good care of myself. After deciding to go vegetarian after watching this movie, I honestly feel amazing. I’m having smoothies every morning. This weeks smoothie is the Glowing Green Goddess and in just one smoothie I already noticed a change in my skin…it’s starting to glooooww. Yayyy!

Leaf + Lotus Week No. 2

No. 1
Genmaicha…cuz if you don’t know, now you know! A green tea with toasted brown rice. A friend of mine who spent some time in Japan introduced me to this tea and I found it at Thrive Market. I love the flavor and I feel like it adds some extra fiber if you know what I mean, lol.

No. 2
I’ve been drinking a smoothie every morning. The last week I’ve been doing spinach, kale and swiss chard greens, blueberries, mango, banana and lemon essential oil water. THIS WEEK, is my es-pe-cial glowing green goddess smoothie. It’s a freaking POWERHOUSE yall! In just one drink I noticed my skin wanting to get its glow on. Can’t wait to see a week’s worth of smoothies.

Glowing Green Goddess Smoothie
3 big handfuls of organic mixed greens (I use the organic spinach, kale and chard mix from Costco)
.5 cup of organic green banana flour
1.5 cup of lime and lemon essential oil water (3-4 drops)
3 capsules of Multigreens (or other powder greens, spirulina for example)
1 avocado
1 tsp. of organic turmeric powder

Blend all green ingredients first before adding additional ingredients. *Note – open Multigreen capsules and pour the contents into the blender and leave empty capsules aside. Also, you can always just drink this without adding the fruits below.

1 very ripe organic banana (to add sweetness and offset the greens)
5 cups of organic frozen mango

Add final ingredients, blend it up and drink it up! You can always add a couple of dates for additional sweetness and fiber.

No. 3
Streamed Through the Looking Glass last night and re-learned a very valuable lesson. “You can’t change the past, but you can learn from it.” This was a powerful movie about time, acceptance, believing in others, sacrifice and true friendship. Highly recommended.

No. 4
Went to the Clarks outlet with my boyfriend last week and we found some amazing deals! We both walked out of there happy as a glowing green smoothie 😉 I got these beautiful suede moccasin booties that fit like a glove. Also ended up getting these suede leather black booties that I am in love with 🙂

No. 5
I feel like most of my updates are about food, haha. Are they? I hope not, but really though, I love food. I took the time to make this amazing Buddha Bowl and it’s my favorite hands down! Ahhhh, the flavors popped and I substituted for a tahini dressing that was perfect. I also added a one-pan roasted red onions and brussel sprouts. This is a great meal prep recipe for the work week. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Tahini Garlic Lemon Dressing
2 tablespoons of tahini
1/4 cup of water
3 garlic cloves
1 teaspoon of lemon juice
Himalayan salt to taste

I just realized this is basically hummus without the garbanzos, lol. It’s straight bomb though – trust me.

Finally, I wanted to update you guys on my first week as a vegetarian. I am so happy and feeling so so good! I’ve noticed that my body feels lighter, I am pooping more regularly and easily, I feel more energy, and my skin is starting to look better. I’ve been increasing my consumption of greens tremendously, a variety of beans and healthy ancient grains, more fruits (mainly in my smoothies). I noticed a loss of craving for coffee as well as dairy, which is odd because that time of the month is coming and I always crave dairy around then. I feel awesome now and I can’t wait to see how I feel after a month!!!

Hope you beautiful budding lotuses have a wonderful week!

Peace, love and namaste!

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