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Whilst working in Sagres, Portugal this summer I was lucky enough to take some yoga lessons with Angie. I’ve had some bad experiences with yoga teachers – mainly them being a little too serious, which for an amateur isn’t always the best – so I was a little apprehensive at first. That quickly vanished within the first couple of minutes of the class. She is so humble and laid back, and completely understanding of all abilities, not to mention encouraging, getting me to try some new positions, I wouldn’t have attempted before. I didn’t feel under pressure, and certainly wasn’t made to feel like I shouldn’t be in the class.

I loved how calming her voice was throughout the whole lesson, the patience she has, and attention she gives – quickly seeing if you are struggling, trying to correct and offering alternative positions throughout. In one of the classes on the beach I unfortunately rolled over onto a bee (just as we were going into savasana) and got stung on the butt, slightly disrupting the class! I was incredibly impressed with how Angie handled this as a teacher, managing to keep everyone else calm despite all my squirming and the little giggle we had at the end about it! The only downside I can say about Angie is that I am no longer in the same country to continue such great yoga! I certainly do miss her classes!

– Elle D. | Glasgow, Scotland


Angie is the best! She knows and understands her craft you feel this when she tailors her yoga instruction to her students’ needs and comfort levels. Angie woke me up and enlightened me every morning in Sagres, Portugal before my surf lessons with Wave Sensations. She assessed my skill level and challenged me. She listened to me and provided me with stretches for my sore muscles and supported me with poses to strengthen my surf performance. Beyond her talents, I have also found a great friend in Angie, her reflective practice extends beyond the classroom, she leaves me feeling centered, light, and full of love.

– Christina L.| New York City


Omg! Where do I start? Obviously, I love, love, love my experience with yoga taught by Angie. She’s an amazing instructor! It doesn’t matter if you’re just beginning or have been attending classes for years, I promise you will not regret the experience!

My favorite was the Mommy & Me classes she offers. My three teen daughters and I enjoyed it immensely and it actually brought us closer! On the other hand, my husband was extremely hesitant about the Daddy & Me classes. At first he flat out refused, but I quickly pointed out that two of our son’s could really benefit by learning to relax and practicing self control. I reasoned that it may help them in school and in life in general. Long story short, he gave it a try for our boy’s sake and they all enjoyed it!

If you are considering taking a yoga class, what ever your reasons may be; do it with Angie! She’ll help you say goodbye to your daily chaos and stress while introducing you to delightful inner peace and relaxation!

– Gracie | Sacramento, CA


The Raindrop Therapy took place in a peaceful environment and had a very calm start. Angie took her time with the session and I never felt rushed. I felt free to let go of negative thoughts and had a chance to set an intention to let go of whatever I wanted to. Throughout the therapy I was focused on my intention and was able to work through it to let it go by the end. I learned a lot about how the oils work and never knew they were so good at removing toxins by being applied to the skin.

The whole therapy overall was very soothing and relaxing and I could feel the oils penetrating and working in my body. After the Raindrop Therapy my body kept a warm sensation that felt really good. I was given a glass of lemon water at the end and was advised to drink plenty more throughout the day. Overall it was a great experience that I would love to repeat again. I would recommend this therapy to anyone who is looking to release toxins, heal, or go within themselves to release negativity. It’s a moment for you, of tranquility and serenity.

– Anthony S. | Sacramento, CA


I met Angie in Sagres, Portugal, literally at the end of the world. The Yoga sessions were meant as a nice add on to the surfing, keeping the muscles relaxed and the body mobile. It turned out to be so much more. Thanks to Angie’s empathy, her true love for people, her passion for Yoga and her belief that mind, spirit and body are a unit, the daily lessons turned more into a journey to myself. Allowing myself to become balanced, confident and starting the day with a happy smile. The best thing though was that Angie just gave little hints in her classes, which let me experience the beauty and effect of the flow. Oh, and I am still remembering to let my heart shine, which still lets me grow taller, even when weight lifting at the CrossFit Box.

– Gitte B. | Germany