Since beginning this journey to becoming a yoga teacher just over a year ago, I have been fortunate enough to have taught in a wide variety of environments. I have experience teaching overseas, with college students, for corporations and state agencies, workers compensation clients, fitness centers and communities of color. In addition, having designed my own website, marketing materials and branding, I also offer select services to help people visually market their business.

To help you understand how we can work together, I took some time to breakdown my offerings. If you are interested in any of the services listed below, you can contact me directly via email or find me on SM. I always spy on people’s SM before I contact them, lol, so feel free to do the same to me!

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Afro Yoga 
This is a series of classes aimed at women of color. We practice anything from gentle yoga, to traditional vinyasa and restorative yin yoga. Afro Yoga is not a different style of yoga but what is different is our ability to share this practice with other women of color, in a space that feels safe and nurturing. I currently offer these classes at Hug Life Wellness Studio, but if you are interested in collaborating or hosting an Afro Yoga class please reach out to me. Coming January 2018 I will be offering a series of Afro Yoga workshops and retreats.

Collaborative Workshops
I love working with other women of color that have unique offerings. Most recently, I am teaming up with Empress Chai Yok and Niva Flor for our Yoni Yogi workshop. This workshop will include womb healing yoga, vaginal steams and live sound healing. On Friday nights I host a Friday Night Flow + Grow class, where myself of different women of color discuss different topics of interest as a mini-workshop. This workshop is followed by a gentle yoga class. If you have an idea for a collaboration, please contact me via email.

Corporate Yoga | Workplace Wellness
Corporate yoga usually takes place in an office building where employees can get away on their lunch hour for what is typically a 50-55 minute class. In these classes I teach vinyasa and yin yoga depending on student requests and energy of the day. For employers, this practice has become increasingly popular as it assists with employee retention due to decreased stress levels and physical activity to counteract things like “computer neck.” For employees, it’s become something to look forward to that allows them to stretch, breath and take their mind off any stress they may encounter during the workday.

Private Classes
These are 1-1 classes that usually take place in the clients home or at Hug Life Wellness Studio. This is a special offering because it is completely customized to the clients need. I provide a questionnaire for each client to understand where they are and what goals they have so I can better serve them. I create custom yoga classes to meet the client needs and provide them with an outline of the poses so they can continue their practice. You can book a class for beginners which comes with foundational knowledge and history of the practice, or just a 1-1 private class.

Workers Compensation
I work 1-1 with workers compensation clients who have been prescribed and approved yoga classes as part of their treatment. This typically consists of a 75 minute class usually held 1/week for the prescribed amount of time. We gently work together to target the areas which need recovery and restoration. These classes take place at Hug Life Wellness Studio where very specialized attention is given including the use of various yoga props like blocks and bolsters for a supportive practice. Once the client provides me with the approval letter and case information, I handle all the billing with the state compensation insurance fund and begin scheduling private classes. I keep track of weekly progress throughout the duration of the treatment and provide that analysis to the proper agencies upon completion of the sessions.

Train the Trainer
For non-profit organizations, state or county agencies, this is a service I provide to departmental staff for the purpose of capacity building and development. I recently provided a Train the Trainer event for the Black Infant Health Department of Sac County Health and Human Services. They offer services to women of color to help reduce black infant mortality of which one is a segment of yoga. I offered training to their facilitators so they would be better informed on the practice of yoga and its purpose so as to provide better service to their clients. If you have a project like this or have ideas on collaboration please email me.

Business Branding
Many of us have heard about branding but aren’t really sure what it means or how to start. I provide an easy step-by-step guide on how to build your brand through selection of colors, fonts and overall feel. This service is for someone who is just getting their business up and running and needs to create a brand that people will recognize and be drawn to. Through an in-person consultation and short workshop, you will be guided on how to create your brand and what tools to use to market yourself.

Visual Marketing 
I have designed my own website, branding materials, flyers, business cards, workbooks and so forth. I basically create all my visuals for my business. Having an innate sense of creativity and experience in branding an email marketing, I decided to offer this service to others. I can help you create all the thing I created for myself and any other marketing or business materials you might need. Pricing is based on the scope of the job and projected time. Please contact me at with inquiries and explain the nature of your project and your time frame for completion.