Yoga Classes

If you landed here I’m going to assume that you are in search of something. We all have different reasons why we practice yoga, and whatever your goal is I am here to help you with it. Whether you are ready to transform your life to a healthier way of living, want to gain strength or flexibility, don’t like going to studio classes, need to relieve stress or just want to look damn good naked, I can help with all of that.

In my classes you can expect super specialized attention, mindful assists to help you get the most out of your poses, knowledge to help you develop your home practice and a grounded loving voice guiding you through. I keep it fun and super down to earth, aiming to help connect you with yourself while not taking it too seriously. There is an art to it and I will teach it to you young grasshopper 🙂

*All private classes come with a free survey to help me get to know your personal needs and/or goals in your practice. That survey helps me to customize your classes so you get the most out of them and gives us room to build your practice to where you want it.

GROUP CLASSES | $15/person, minimum 5 participants (add to cart)
Want to put together a little yoga party? I got you. Host a party at your home, local park or clubhouse and invite your friends and family! It’s a great way to introduce yoga to beginners and present a practice that helps relieve stress and relax the body and mind. It’s also an awesome way to bond 🙂 A minimum of 5 participants is necessary and if you have over 10 participants, you, the host, can practice for free! Group classes available starting January 8th, on 2nd and 4th Sundays.

Learn the foundational principles to build a solid yoga practice in this 75 minute introductory yoga class for beginners. This session will include the basics of alignment, philosophy of the eight limbs of yoga and a 30 minute class followed by a guided meditation. You will have all the info you need to begin your path of yoga and wellness!

PRIVATE 1-1 YOGA | $45/60 min (add to cart)
A customized yoga practice designed to do exactly what you need it to. We will talk about your goals, be they physical, mental, emotional or spiritual and then I will create a yoga class that will get you in the zone. From music, to specific poses, to assists and overall flow of the class, this one is just for you. Classes are held either in your home or at Southside Park in Downtown Sacramento.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH | Coming Summer 2017 – Donation Based
My community outreach program is geared towards helping underserved communities and underprivileged populations to have access to the practice and benefits of yoga.

Coming Summer 2017, I will be hosting a series of classes and workshops around Sacramento aimed at W.O.C. and the multicultural community of Sacramento. So stay tuned for the debut of the schedule!

If you have an organization or business that is interested in assisting with such projects, I would love to connect with  you to discuss the possibilities of working together! Please email me at