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In Portugal I gorged myself on traditional pastries, croissants, coffee, pasta, milk (ahhh, gasp), bread, more bread, beer, more beer, cocktails, and all of those acidic foods you could think of. I just let the spirit of “vacation” take me even though I was actually living there (crying laughing emoji here). With a yoga practice that was slipping between my fingers due to an early morning class and long days on the beach, I let my body instead of my mind decide what nourishment meant. Being tired led to below average decisions and an excess of foods that didn’t serve anything other than my palate. Now officially back home in California, I am in serious need of yogi detox! With access to foods and products I am used to, I can’t wait to get back into the flow of my normal lifestyle.

One of the reasons I was actually looking forward to coming back is getting back to my normal eating habits. Which encompass a lot of organic fruits and vegetables, alternative milks, almond butter, coconut oil, gluten free options, etc. In Sagres, the city where I was living in Portugal, there were a lot of locally farmed fresh fruits and vegetables and the meat was also really good. Truth be told, I was so tired most of the time that I didn’t make the effort to try to keep my lifestyle. Another truth be told, I was probably tired because my eating habits were shit, which was a little bit rolling domino effect.

So, I’m putting together a yogi detox plan. The reason I say “yogi” detox is because I am encompassing pieces of that yamas and niyamas. I am stepping into it in a conscious way with intentions of lightening my load and purifying my body (saucha), removing the excess (bramacharya), staying disciplined (tapas), and practicing non-violence towards my body (ahimsa). In this way I am not only detoxing my body but also my mind, allowing me to feel lighter and use the extra energy in other areas of my life.

There are several foods I’ll be coming back to that I’d like to talk about. So here goes a list of things I’ll be doing and eating during my yogi detox.

Yogi Detox

Needless to say kind of but also necessary. My yoga practice detoxes not only my body but my mind and my spirit, the reason I have always been so drawn to it and passionate about it. I am looking forward to attending some hot yoga in my home studio as well, something that helps me detox like NO OTHER! I love sweating it out and feeling like I just dumped 10 lbs. of toxins! I’ll be doing this at least 3x a week!

I need to get some green to my goddess right now, and I ain’t talking bout the kind you roll up. I’m talking bout the kind you blend up, okay honey? Yasss. Detoxing in my mind means greens. I will be taking these multigreen vitamins and including kale, spinach, lettuce, arugula, collards, and any other greens I can get my hands on. In Sagres they had a lot of arugula, which they called rocket leaves, spinach and something that was like between kale and collard greens that I couldn’t figure out how to use. Point being I’m bout the green this goddess up. Trader Joe’s and Sprouts imma see you in a minute 🙂

No. 3 | TEA TIME
Another thing I’ve found about countries like Spain and Portugal (I am almost willing to bet Europe in general, save England) is that their tea selection is not very good. They have basic teas, chamomile, mint, green, black, etc, but they don’t really have different varieties of those or organic tea options. That said, I am loading up on my Yogi ginger tea, Zen green tea, and I’ll be including some detox teas that include nettle leaf and dandelion. Tea will be a huge part of my yogi detox and a good alternative for my newfound love for coffee.

I already eat a lot of vegetables as it is, although I can’t say that was entirely true during my stay in Sagres, I did eat lots of avocados and sweet potatoes. I wish this list could go on but I am realizing there wasn’t much to add. Dang, I really could have done better, eh? Lol. More power to the reason for this post. I will, however, say that I went vegetarian for a few weeks there where my body just didn’t want any meat. Which included a lot of buddha bowls. I want to spend more time studying the vegetarian lifestyle and really putting effort into making it work. I feel so much lighter and energized when I eat this way, it’s just the discipline and consistency that are needed! I’ll definitely be veggin’ it up from here on out.

This may sound counterintuitive based on the previous paragraph, but, to start off I will definitely be including bone broth in my diet for a few reasons. Primarily, I want to give my digestive system some rest by giving it a break from solid foods. I will make a huge pot of this in the beginning of the week and then store it for easy consumption during the week. Bone broth has so many health benefits, among them it helps relax the nervous system. After all the traveling I’ve been doing lately, my body and nervous system needs a rest so this will be perfect for me. In addition, I’ll be including soups in general, with foods great for detoxing to keep it light and healthy.

When I was in Portugal, I worked on the beach during the day doing photography for surf student, so I spent a lot time in nature and in the water. Something I will greatly miss. I felt so connected to mother nature and in Sagres, a city that is relatively unplugged, I felt really at peace with the ease of life. I lived in a small town, rode my bike everywhere, was barefoot as often as possible and surrounded by surfers and surf culture. It was perfect and something clicked in me that I can never loose. Thus, I have decided to always make efforts to connect with my momma. Mother nature that is. This, believe it or not, is a huge piece of my detoxification. Even more so now that I am back to bigger cities with more people, cars, traffic and all of these inputs I didn’t realize tax the nervous system the way they do. Me and my momma gonna be spending a lot of time together!

No. 7 | HEY, SHUGA!
Cutting as much sugar as possible. Sweet treats will not now be gluten-free and healthy versus processed and junk-filled. I mean, the brownies just looked so good, you know? Now that I have access to the a wide variety of healthy food items, I’ll be making my own sweet treats like these amazing black bean brownies I couldn’t stop raving about. More on this topic in the resources below.

So that’s about it. Below are some resources and recipes I’ll be using for this yogi detox so check them out. Much peace and love to you always, may your detox be bold and beautiful!

Green Goddess Smoothie Bowl
Breakfast Bowl with Sweet Potato, Avocado and Toasted Sesame Spinach

Cuban Quinoa Bowl with Spicy Lemon Cashew Dressing
Spicy Sweet Potato and Green Rice Burrito Bowls

Black Bean Brownies
Vegan Purple Sweet Potato Pie

Bone Broth Boullion Cubes
The Best Detox Crockpot Lentil Soup
Lemon Basil Kale Salad with Avocado

Naturally Ella
Cookie and Kate

My New Roots
The Sprouted Kitchen

Yogi Ginger Tea

Soothing Rose Hibiscus Skin Detox Tea
Zen Green Tea
Yogi Woman’s Energy

The Yamas and Niyamas by Deborah Adele

Benefits of Hot Yoga by Yoganonymous

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